Friday, 16 August 2013

Islas Cíes - Best Nature Place Ever

Las islas Cíes, Natural Park, are situated very close to the city of Vigo, in the Northwest of Spain.

If you like nature and beaches, you will find in the Cíes a paradise to discover. Its big amount of nature and its heavenly beaches are incredible, and even the journal The Guardian chose the Rodas beach, which is there, as the Best Beach in the World in 2007. There are some nude beaches there too, I think.

If all the area where the Cíes are situated are a diamond to discover, Galicia, all its coastline of the Cantabrian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, this zone has one of the richest marine ecosystems. 

This archipelago is only equipped with a restaurant and a camping, admitting a maximum of 2.200 people per day. It is typical that tourists go there in the summer, and camp there. 

People arrive there by boat, there are some shipping companies that make some trips per day and in the summer, it is better to book in advance. If you are lucky and you have your own boat, you can go in it. 

I like the sea, and the islas Cíes are whitout any doubt, one of those magic places which I would recommend everybody to visit, at least once in their life. However, I am not a big fan of nature, nor of the sun, there the sun hits hard, and you can get burned easily. Furthermore, during the night, it is rather freezing... Fortunately I visited this place 3 years ago, with my classmates, they spent there seven days, but I only spent two days and one night, and I won't have to go back there again. I don't like nature, or too much sun, or sleeping in a campsite, eating in a campsite, having showers in a campsite... doing everything in a campsite...

But I know there are many people who really enjoy that kind of tourism, so I will list some useful links for you, if you decide to visit this paradise:

-Camping:  click here
-Boats to get there: click here  and click here

Have you visited the Cíes? Would you like to go there? Have you ever gone camping? Did I make it clear that this is a good place with many nice things to see, except for me?

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